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Benefits & Instructions

A nightguard act as a barrier between the biting surfaces of your teeth. It only helps you to avoid future damages but also helps ease the pain is by reducing the amount that your jaw can clench. By preventing complete flexing of the jaw, a nightguard helps your jaw to be more relaxed at night.
  • Before inserting the nightguard in your mouth, make sure the material is flexible and not stiff

  • Heat up a bowl of water for 1m and soak your nightguard for 15 secs or until it's really flexible

  • This will help make it comfortable when you insert it in your mouth

  • Keep it clean by rinsing it out with water and tooth brush it if needed. No need to brush it with toothpaste, just water is fine.

  • When it's not in use, keep it in the container so it can air dry throughout the day

  • The key for a successful outcome is to BE CONSISTENT and to WEAR IT EVERY NIGHT

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